Status 4 have been working with both Travel 2 and Gold Medal for the past few years and usually make a once a year pilgrimage to Glasgow and Preston in November and December to prepare both companies for peak trading.

Our work at Travel 2 and Gold Medal involves the creation , delivery and evaluation of energising sales training workshops for the front line call centre staff as well as performance management and coaching refreshers for the team leaders.

Regardless of experience and knowledge we ensure that everyone who attends has the opportunity to both share skills and ask for advice. We cover the key moments of truth that are essential in any sales conversation whether it is B2B or B2C but all to often are missing usually because of a lack of confidence or awareness.

A typical sales workshop would include :

  • Preparation – Getting to Status 4
  • The Power of influence
  • Establishing needs – Never presume !
  • Building rapport and gaining trust 
  • Presenting a recommendation and upselling
  • Identifying buying signals 
  • Asking for the business
  • Dealing with objections
  • Staying in touch

We are looking forward to our next trip to Glasgow and Preston and if you are looking for similar sales training workshops to prepare your team for peak trading period in 2019 then please get in touch as we are always in demand. Dave Pope can be reached on 0778 6623304 or