Do you need to increase your sales conversion strategy in the travel industry  ? This short article by Dave Pope plus one of our sales training workshops will help.

The travel industry is one of the most competitive industries around with many companies fighting over the same customers and competing over PPC keywords .  The result is often a cherry picking approach focusing only on those customers that ring up and say ” I would like to book ” . There is a reluctance to spend time on those customers like myself that don’t really know what they want but know they want something. The key to success is increasing conversion levels , profit margin and repeat customers

sales conversion strategy

Here are my 12 top tips for improving your sales conversion strategy in the travel industry.

1. Attitude . Don’t pick up the telephone unless you are ready , fully connected and prepared. If you are tired , wake yourself by stimulating your senses. Drink coffee , stand up , listen to loud music but get yourself in the zone.

2. Make the first impression memorable but don’t go over the top. How do you want your customer to feel?

3. Spend time establishing the customers’ needs. Ask them what they want from their holiday and build a relationship with them .

4. Based on the information you have , put together a recommendation. Give them what they have asked for and also something they haven’t asked for . Up sell and cross sell.

5. Use presumptive language to maximise revenue ” Is that a sea view room ? ” or ” Is that a private transfer?”

6. Use a test close when giving a price . ” How does that sound?”

7. Ask for the business . Ask for the business. Ask for the business.

8. Deal with the customers’ objection and don’t expect everyone to book there and then . You may need to put the enquiry on pause and call back later or tomorrow.

9. Arrange what happens next. There is nothing worse than a consultant saying ” Give me a call when you are ready to book”

10. Use the phrase ” When would be a good time for us to talk again? ”

11. Forget the words “call back ” and ” follow up “. If your customer hasn’t booked then the enquiry is simply paused. When are you going to unpause it ?

12. And never, ever presume that your customer wants a cheap holiday regardless of what they say .

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Increase Sales Conversion in the Travel Industry

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