Influencing Techniques are essential in life when dealing with friends and family but are also very useful in sales . Here is a short story about cheese from Dave Pope from Status4.

As with other market towns in the U.K. , Warwick has an ancient Saturday market where people buy and sell an array of goods. But there is only one stall that I am interested in on a Saturday morning. A stall that boasts one of the best sales people in the market. Yes , I am talking about the man that sells the cheese.

You see, there is something very special about the man that sells the cheese , something that draws you in and sends you away a little out of pocket but not disappointed with the experience.

We are of course talking about ” FREE CHEESE” , To mere mortals like you and I this is a weekly opportunity to get something for nothing – Or is it ? Because the man that sells the cheese , gives free cheese for a reason . Let me explain…..

When you decide to select a free piece of cheese using the cocktail stick provided , you are entering into an underworld of calculation , influence and persuasion. The person that sells cheese is a very skilled salesman as well as being a rather decent purveyor of cheese.
When you put that piece of delicious cheese in your mouth , keep your guard up!. Because it is common for the cheese seller to ask the question – ” How do you like my cheese? ” ( A classic test close )

With a great open question like that you have to give an answer and if you really like the cheese then you are on a slippery slope my friend. Because by saying something like ” Yes it’s lovely ” you are giving a massive buying signal that cannot be ignored. The man that sells the cheese will naturally follow up with ” Excellent , well today we have a special offer of £5.00 for two pieces , how many would you like ? ” (This is a classic scarcity tactic followed by an assumptive close )

And because you have had some free cheese , you naturally feel obliged to buy some cheese. Now not everyone will make a purchase, but the sales techniques used by the man that sells the cheese will dramatically increase their chances of securing a sale. If on the other hand you don’t like the cheese he will simply ask the question – “So what cheese do you like ? ”  and you know where that is going!

It really has nothing to do with cheese , it’s about thinking about the customer, being a little calculated and about how  you can improve your chances of gaining commitment.

So , next time you go for the free cheese , beware but please buy if you like it as a reward for someone thinking about how they can improve what they do and maximising their turnover.

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Influencing Techniques – The Power of Cheese

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