recruitment support

Stage One of the Status 4  three step Discovery Programme is recruitment support which helps companies discover and select the right staff and avoid a bums on seats approach.

Recruitment is time-consuming and sometimes companies don’t know if and why they actually need to recruit. This is where Status Four recruitment support comes in and helps you in the following areas :

Evaluate – Helping evaluate why you are recruiting and what type of candidate you are looking for

Skills : We will work with you to ensure you have the skills to be able to interview and assess candidates. This can be as a one to one support or a workshops for several staff.

Discover – We will work alongside you to evaluate CV’s and carry out telephone or video interviews.

Assess : Status Four will organise and run recruitment events with you.

Appoint : Helping you decide on the right people and helping with the communication of good news as awell as offering support and sdvice to unsuccessful candidates.

If you are interested in discussing our recruitment support options for your  organisation then please get in touch with Dave Pope on 01926 935747 or email and we will arrange to meet up.