Looking for an Effective Leadership Skills Programme for your Staff ?

Whether you are an experienced or novice leader of people , this four day effective leadership skills programme will help you become a more consistent and inspiring leader. Delivered with a blend of  in-house, open and virtual learning , our leadership skills programme is interactive , fun and effective for individual career development.

A typical leadership skills training course would include:

  • IMPACT – Create your own status level and influence othersleadership skills programme
  • What does a leader look like ?
  • Be the type of leader that you want to be?
  • Develop a leadership style that is supportive but demanding
  • Motivating and inspiring your team
  • The team development journey
  • What happens when teams fall apart?
  • Develop prioritising , coaching and feedback skills through practice and case study
  • Understand the importance of different communication and behaviour styles
  • Manage and plan your time effectively
  • Understand coaching methods and SMART objectives

To find out more about our effective leadership skills programme please contact Dave Pope at dave@statusfour.com or 01926 935747.