Travel Training Solutions were involved in the induction programme for Tour Leaders at Expat Explore in London in industry sales training

The aim of the one day sales workshops was focused on helping the new tour leaders to learn the necessary skills to promote and sell day tours to customers on their tour. We designed a workshop that created a customer journey for Expat Explore tour leaders which was service and benefit focused . The key learning points were as follows:

INTRODUCTION –  Why do people travel , how do they want to feel , what is the real meaning of sales?

STATUS -How to prepare your physical and mental status to build confidence and put on a consistent “game-face “.

ENGAGEMENT – Effective questioning and relationship building.

INFLUENCING SKILLS – Discussing and demonstrating the key principles of influence that affect human behaviour.

COMMITMENT – Having the confidence to ask for the sale and to deal with common objections

The workshop was very positive , fun and flexible and certainly not following a script but the outcome was a team of more confident tour leaders who were equipped with the skills to sell more tours !!