e-learning courses
Made to Measure e-learning courses

Status 4 will design made to measure and flexible e-learning courses for your organisation that can be used for a variety of activities. Our custom made e-learning courses can be used for whole range of knowledge transfer solutions for both in-house distribution or between client and supplier. For example we could create an online course for an airline that is then distributed to a global travel agent network. This would save time and money for the airline training team and give them a flexible online platform that will educate a global audience. We are also talking to various automotive suppliers to create product knowledge courses that can be distributed to a network of car leasing companies.

Our tailor-made e-learning courses can also be used for a blended induction solution and can incorporate video , assignments and quizzes to ensure people are retaining information . They can also be part of a bigger blended learning approach that can be mixed up with virtual and face to face in-house workshops.

We understand that time is tight and not everyone want to sit in a warm training room all day being talked at. With this in mind , we can create bite-size training courses that stick to help develop soft skills including sales , leadership , communication or whatever your team needs. These can be enjoyed on the train , over a coffee break or even at home.

We use our many years experience in corporate environments to create e-learning courses that are not too corporate but fun , engaging and most of all helps people learn. Our systems are flexible and durable and most of all ready to create something that works for your organisation and your objectives.

If you would like to discuss the creation of an e-learning courses for your organisation please email dave@statusfour.com or call 01926 935747.